Inkwatercolor Autumn Catalog 2008

How to use

InkWatercolor is a free art gallery showcasing my paintings with ink and watercolor and also with other techniques.

You can ask for paintings images and use them for your webs, blogs, designs, CDs, magazines, books, clothes or to decorate your house, your place of work...

Feel free to use the paintings images on this site under the lisence conditions (attribution, non-commercial and share alike) and, please, read the disclaimer and the privacy policy.

How to obtain images for free

In this web you can find paintings images with 400x600 and 800x1200 pixels. You can link directly this images from your web site or blog (I try to preserve the images addresses and size).

Your can ask for Din A4 and Din A3 images with a resolution of 300 dots per inch. You have to provide, at least, the serial number of the painting and the e-mail address in which you want to receive the image. You can ask for any image of the paintings in ink and watercolor of the main gallery.

There are examples of A4 images, information, and catalogs in Pdf and Pps format in the download area.

You can view prices and ask for budgets for the original paintings (some paintings are not available).

Also in this web site, the pages dedicated to The Flowers of Evil of Charles Baudelaire (1.861 edition) are an interesting visit.

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